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A “Knock Out” Dessert from the Curious Cook

Mon, December 19, 2011

Buttery Pound Cake with Nutella Swirl is a favorite with my daughter and now… her friends!

The story goes, my daughter Kate had some at school recently and shared it with a friend of hers.  He asked Kate to make him a cake of his own…

Long story short… he took his Buttery Pound Cake with Nutella Swirl home and was hoarding it, but only until his three siblings found it and ate most of it!  Evidently, the kid was so upset that he hid what was left in his room and threatened to pummel anyone who took anymore!  Isn’t that an outstanding testimony?  Make the Buttery Pound Cake with Nutella Swirl from The Happy Everything Cookbook  {see page 140}… it is a “Knock Out” holiday dessert!


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