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A Coton Colors Love Story

Mon, January 31, 2011

I’d like to introduce you to Amanda, our Graphics Guru…

Amanda is the pretty blonde with the black tank-top in the middle of our Coton Colors crew.  That’s me in the pink next to her. From left to right you’ll see Ashley, our Operations Manager, Meghan, our Product Manager, then Amanda and me, Meagan (squatting), our Accounting Assistant, Meryl K, one of our Art Assistants, Paige, one of our Artists, and Lisa, another of our Art Assistants.  Got all that?  There’s a quiz later!

Sooo, the love story begins.  Amanda started working for Coton Colors as a college intern and was hired full-time when she graduated.  Just before graduation her boyfriend Dan secretly called the shop and asked for a very special plate to be painted and fired.  He took this special plate to Amanda’s graduation dinner party celebration.  After dinner, Dan served Amanda’s dessert on this plate and when Amanda saw the words painted on the plate she said YES! The picture above is from the wedding shower we had for Amanda just before she and Dan got married!

We were all blown away by the creative way Dan proposed and thought the Coton Colors love story ended with the two of them happily ever after. To our surprise, the story continued this year at market in Atlanta.

In Coton Colors tradition, we go to dinner at Uncle Julio’s every year after the show. We decided to have our White Elephant holiday gift exchange that night since we are always so busy preparing for the show in December. Each person took a turn opening a mystery gift from one another.

One of the gifts was a baby buggy attachment that said “I’m Pregnant! Guess Who??” Needless to say, it was an amazing way for Amanda to share the news with her Coton Colors family.

Ahhh, the Coton Colors love story continues, see the fun announcement for yourself…


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