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Artful Ways to Share the Love :: I Art You!

Thu, January 23, 2014


It’s that time of year again… Love is in the air! Sure, we “heart” the special people in our lives all the time, but Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to remind them just how much with sweet sentiment.

If you’ve been brainstorming about what Valentine to give you’re kids or their class, look no further! This year, give them a little extra love with an art-felt Valentine!

Our “I Art You” printable is cute, creative and cost-effective. Just visit your local art store to pick up inexpensive kids watercolor sets… Then start the art-y!

Click here to download the “I Art You” printable. This 8.5”x11” printable is double-sided, so be sure to print the front first on cardstock, then flip the cardstock and print the back side. It’s super easy since the reverse is stripes, so no big worries about lining things up perfectly. Simply trim along the heart pattern on page one and place the printable into the lid of the watercolor set. Be sure to remove any interior packaging first. Secure your “I Art You” printable in place with a glue dot or a small piece of double-sided tape. Then voila… You’re ready to give art from the heart.


Feelin’ the need to spread the love a little further? We don’t blame you. Once you’ve bestowed your colorful gift, try this playful paint project. We think both you and your kids will love making this heart-fiiled art!


  • Kids watercolor set
  • 8.5 x 11 cardstock or watercolor paper
  • Heart-shaped stickers or create your own on label paper {template provided here}
  • Paint brushes
  • Water

Create Your Card:


Step 1: Fold a piece of cardstock in half. {You can also buy blank cards or cut into a specific size}.

Step 2: Apply heart stickers into any pattern you desire on the front cover of your card. Be sure to rub the edges down to avoid getting paint underneath. We used our label paper stickers to minimize paint flow under the sticker.


Step 3: Paint with watercolors of your choice. Allow to dry fully.


Step 4: Carefully peel off the heart stickers.


Step 5: Save them to use as fun accents inside of the card.


Step 6: Paint or write a personal message inside the card. Allow to dry. Then decorate with the watercolor stickers.


You’re Valentine is ready for giving, so fill your home {and heart} with love!


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