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2016 Johnson Family Thanksgiving

Thu, December 1, 2016

This Thanksgiving was filled to the brim with excitement for our family. My niece Taylor had her first baby, Collins Elizabeth, in the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving Day! Every Thanksgiving morning we all have a cup of coffee and sit around {the only sitting we do all day} watching the Macy’s Parade. This year, the morning was filled with Facetime calls with my sister Marcie, and the visiting crew at the hospital meeting Collins! Such an amazing way to start this day of thankfulness.

While Mary Parker and Milton headed off to the kitchen, Kyle began setting up the table outside. Instead of multiple tables this year she decided to set one big table with a hand-painted metallic gold drop cloth. She added fresh magnolia clippings {so easy!} to the centerpiece and finished it off with gold lanterns and bosc pears! Not going to lie, when I first saw this gorgeous table I was a little worried ALL 30 chairs and place settings would not fit, but we made it work… nice and cozy!

We served a total of four turkeys this year, {plenty of leftovers for lunch this week}! Along with the many turkeys, we served all our traditional dishes, including our family’s favorite, Spinach Madeline. My late mother-in-law, Mere, was the originator of bringing Spinach Madeline to Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving without her and we honored her memory during the blessing. I think we each took an extra spoonful of this beloved dish, just because. You can find Mere’s recipe in our newest publication, Toast. Get your copy of Toast here!

After our plates were clean and we were full to capacity, we huddled by the fire on the back porch and shared stories from this past year - we truly have so much to be thankful for. Kyle and Warren are approaching their first wedding anniversary, Mary Parker is one semester away from graduating from Auburn, and the birth of my sweet nephew Parks are just a few of the many blessings. Of course, I can’t forget Collins. She was truly the star of the show this Thanksgiving.

Take a look through some photos of our family Thanksgiving this year. Sara Kate was so busy catching up with visiting family, she forgot to snap shots of the table during the daytime! But trust us, it was just as dreamy as the evening pictures.

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with the ones you love most. Make sure to follow the blog this month as I prepare my home for the many holiday celebrations to come.





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